FCC meeting on Open Internet is Live now

If anyone is interested in how the future of the internet gets decided by the FCC, you can watch the meet live here:



Also if you want to show your support for Net Neutrality for this May 15th day of action information can be found here:


Thanks for the links. So far, so good. I'm hearing everything that I want to hear from the speakers that I have viewed.

omg who is this dick? haha 8:10 am pst

no evidence of market failure`?! omg come on!!

That's Commissioner Mike O'Rielly, he's a huge asshole. I'm sure he has a high paying job waiting for him at Comcast after he finished at FCC.

Turned it off for 5 minutes. Has it gotten that bad already?

its better now, that last guy was an against net neutrality wind bag.

Commissioner Mike O'Rielly = dbag

That's it. Now we move on to proposed rulemaking. Be sure to submit a letter on the record regarding this proposal.

I heard someone on the bench state that the people get to decide, and I don't trust much of the population to be informed of this. Thought this would have been a very obvious choice, but now it is up to us. EVERYBODY GO FUCKING NUTS.

 and I don't trust much of the population to be informed of this

And that's their plan. They weren't convincing eachother, or some board, that we need, or don't need Net neutrality. They were convincing America. 

And America is pretty fucking stupid.

Look at that dude getting thrown out! TOP BLOKE! SPEAK UP, MAN! SPEAK! Everyone is having a go now! FUCK YEAH! Stick it to those FCC motherfuckers!!



hahaha Tom Wheeler sounded shaken after that. Boom

Whoa security is working overtime lmao

I counted at least a few being thrown out. I have to refresh the page once in a while, so I went back to the start of the video. That's where the shouting occurred. Brightened up my day.

Wish I had seen that earlier when I was watching, could have used a good laugh to start off my day.


Yea a few people got thrown out yelling that the FCC isn't working for the people but for corporations.

I understand why they had to escort the people out, but it was just funny to hear them say that they want to do their best to hear from the american people after escorting american people from the building. 

The people should just take the internet back from ISPs.Do we really need them? Hell they don't even want to upgrade to fiber.

there's laws that keep you from doing so just as there are laws popping up now keeping new isp's from forming