Favourite Mid Size Case

Whats your favourite new(2008-2009) mid size case? I wanna get an option since i may buy one soon. TYÂ

the sniper is full tower lols

my favorite would me the scout first
the 922 and the 902 i both like they are in the same place
and last is the element s that piece of shit case looks hideous

ew i have to pick from a list.i'm out.

well you could suggest others. the problem was the poll only let you select 5. so i had to choose five.

Antec P182

The Storm Scout looks pretty darn good in my opinion. I also like the 902, but I think its a little overrated. So my final decision is the Scout :D

902, I'm getting one soon (hopefully soon - when I'm not broke). Dust filters and lots of fans, good build quality, decent price, sexy all black interior, built in fan controllers and A+ cable management. What else could you want?

902, i have it and it rocks ;D

All of the mid size Antec case. Antec FTW