Favourite Linux compatible games on Steam?

Yes there are a bunch on Reddit moaning about performance after the last patch. So if your hardware is marginal then you might think about it. I have had no issues at all with it, but then with my hardware I shouldn't be having performance issues. It's running on the same version of source as Counter Strike Global Offensive.

It's a tight shooter, more tactical than CS:GO. It has a whole heap of customized content. Skins, maps and game modes. The game has full Steam workshop support. It's never overly expensive and the devs are supporting the game with patches and new content regularly. It's a little like CoD before it became bullshit. It feels a fair bit like CoD:4 but without the kill streak BS of helicopter gunshits and other random ways to die. No exploding fecking dogs or RC car nonsence.

Just you your team mates, a real tight shooter and a whole heap of fun.

That's good to know. I bought it back when it was in a humble bundle and night maps were being added in. I have played it on windows on my laptop and it's a nice shooter.

Youtubes 'gaming' version of their site isnt bad https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=oT1awxoM8eA

Oh there also on twitch http://www.twitch.tv/teampgp

I kinda prefer this format and dark theme over the light theme that they currently have for the rest of their site.

You've just pointed out to me i posted in completely the wrong topic xD

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