Favourite Linux compatible games on Steam?

I'm looking at the games for Linux on Steam and I see all the obvious ones (CS, HL, Portal, Etc) but there's always some "diamonds in the rough".

What are your favourite Linux compatible games on Steam?

To name a few which I've recently enjoyed: Satellite Reign, Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall: Director's Cut, Wasteland 2, The Banner Saga, Trine series, Qube, FTL, Hotline Miami and haven't tested it yet but Insurgency is in my Linux library.

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Definitely checking out qube right now

Bioshock infinite, Alien Isolation, SOMA, Shadow of Mordor, Fistful of Frags, CIV 5, Killing Floor, Witcher 2, Borderlands 2 & Pre-Sequel, XCOM saga, Metro Redux saga, hotline miami 1 and 2, Saints Row 4, outlast, torchlight 2, Shadow Warrior.


It's a nice puzzle game reminds a bit of Portal and what i forgot to say that is similar is Antichamber

Steredenn :0

Civ5, openRA

Cities:Skylines, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Plague Inc

The feels >.<

SMB, Risk of Rain, and FTL are my current favorite for Linux. (If anyone is willing to go for a round of RoR just say so, its impossible to get people on there)

saints row 4
floating point

Gnomoria, FTL, Metro Last Light, Space Pirates And Zombies, Dungeon Defenders.

I'll sometimes play TF2 as well, but it's hard to enjoy with the user base it attracts.

Deathruns have always been fun but other than it lost its charm a long time ago

Grid Autosport works really great.
Other alltime favorites are: Pillars of eternity, CIV 5 and Crusader Kings 2. Maybe the X3 Games

There are so many.

I dont know how many of you have been using Linux for a long time, but it used to only be free software/open source games that you could play, id games, plus a few other games like warzone2100. There are some great free software games out there by the way.

Now, roughly 60% of my steam games have a Linux version. Maybe 70% of those work with open drivers and all with clsoed drivers.

I've never had so many games to play on Linux.

To answer your question. I cant pick one, heres a few i really like on Linux.

warzone 2100
pretty much any older id engine game

on steam/gog

divinity: origonal sin
cities skylines
pillars of eternity
CK2, EU4

Right now ive been playing hotline miami, transistor, and banner saga on Linux.

Prison architect <3

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I recently switched my desktop over to Ubuntu, and I started playing Chivalry: Medieval Warfare again. If you're looking for multiplayer.

I loved the Metro games & Pillars of Eternity.

Mount & blade is easy to lose yourself in for days at a time. There is a game of thrones mod for it that is pretty cool.

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I have just finished a 4 hour gaming session with my clan mates playing Insurgency. We got a server a little while ago and been having a blast with it playing coop.

So the linux version of Insurgency is fully functional?