Favorite salsa?

Pretty simple question what's your favorite salsa to eat (I eat mine with Tostitos chips but if you guys like something else post it by all means)

I'm looking for something a little more exciting than the Publix brand :P I don't need my mouth to burst into flames but I do like spicy stuff.

I like pineapple salsa

Mexican style tortilla chips and home made salsa. I have never found any salsa in a jar that was that good. I have found good stuff in leaky plastic containers in the refrigerator section of some smaller markets here in California but never in a jar on a store shelf.

Cool. Im gonna try that soon. How bout cheese dip (I like the white cheese dip, the really thin stuff, they have in restaurants)

A Mexican restaurant near my old house has the best salsa, the cook is grilling chilis every morning at 6:00am, barring that I'm lucky enough to live in CA with plenty of Mexican markets so I just pick up some fresh stuff from the deli.

I'm a fan of Trader Joe's brand salsa. Spicy and its not super chunky. MMmmmmm...Perfection, I could eat that stuff for days.

Buy pre-made salsa? bitch please!! Check this one out. 

Tomatoes (roasting them makes it better), Black beans, a red onion, a jalapeno, cilantro, garlic, salt&pepper, whole bunch of lime juice, and some olive oil.. Wanna make it spicy add a dash of your favorite hot sauce. I dont have an exact recipe cus I always wing it, but you can probably get a guideline by googling Salsa.. Eat it with Red Hot Blues chips.. Tostitos are the worst for you health wise, might as well spend the extra $2 and get some bomb ass chips. Better than anything from a jar thats been pasteurized and preserved.. salsa is all about that freshness. 

As far as pre-made goes, there is this one called Muir Glen  thats you can find in most stores it's the Black Bean and Corn Salsa, that one is pretty redic although Id probably mix in a finely diced jalepeno in there for a bit more kick, its kinda mild. 

Mark's good stuff:


Black beans and olive oil you say. I will have to give that a try.

The few times I actually buy salsa, which isn't often, I typically pick up some Mrs. Renfro's. The green salsa (jalapeno) and the ghost pepper ones from the company are solid and easy enough to find at a grocery store.

I made Salsa last week it had Tomato, cilantro, garlic, onion, mango, (sweet) yellow pepper, Jalapeño and two good sized ghost peppers. Came out great but if you don't like your mouth on fire use one ghost pepper or switch it to a Habanero pepper, Also don't forget the lime juice and salt.