Favorite moment gaming


So I was just assembling a chair a few minutes ago and I started thinking about my favorite times playing video games. And not like, moments in games that are scripted to be great or anything. But just random moments where just playing the game felt good.

And I started thinking about playing Fallout 3 in my basement room during winter break, back on 08. It felt so cool just relaxing and exploring the wastelands. In the moment it didn't feel particularly noteworthy. But now, looking back, it was one of the best moments I ever had gaming.

That got me thinking, do you have any moments like that? Where playing a game just felt good. No worries, just goodness?

I have a fun time beating children in some competitive online multiplayer. You must know what I am talking about?
[br]I buy games when they are released, try and get aaallll the practice I can get, knowing full well that children are going to open that particular game at Christmas. Just so satisfying beating them with my superior skills and completed weapon tech tree.
[br] ^_^ 

I think the best times I had playing games were on Halo 3. Probably my favorite FPS ever.

Haha, yeah. Back in my console days I played a lot more multiplayer, and when COD was still tolerable, I used to play ground war with a full party of friends and it was ridiculously fun. Being coordinated was really helpful in a game that had so much chaos in it. And I had an even better time playing Halo: ODST with my pals, we'd stay up real late to play it and that campaign, and atmosphere was incredible.

Getting those vidmasters to unlock the recon armor for Halo 3 was so much fun and so rewarding.

There has to be a bit more cohesion and gaming in TS. I don't see many forums inviting people to game. I'll probably build my new rig in a few weeks with the hardware that is arriving. Start getting some fun games to play through. The DayZ standalone will be out at the end of the year, I see epic times ahead

True, I think I'm just waiting until the end of the month to see what happens with haswell and the 700 series to finally build mine. Too bad I have a damn summer course to take and a job, gonna be tough to find the time to game.

having my cox node to myself when LSU plays a big away game and getting insane kill streaks

I was opting for that idea. But, that Brennan guy has got me on to thinking about socket 2011. Either way, I'm going to have a computer this Summer, and it is going to be schweeeet

By far, my favorite moment in gaming was every single second of Final Fantasy III on the NES. Still, to this day, my favorite game. Up there right next to it, however, is the entirety of Shadow of the Colossus. I cried when I finished that game; despite its stoic emptiness, and lack of inter-twining story in the gameplay, it has stuck with me since the day I started playing it.

Which processor are you looking at?

Man, I used to watch my cousin play Shadow of the Colossus! He'd never let me play but I just had a blast watching because of the atmosphere in the game. Did you ever check out ICO? Another game I absolutely loved. That soundtrack is so powerful!

Seriously, check this out.

Hey, it's me, the Brennan guy. He's talking about the i7 3820.

If you haven't, you all should play Dark Souls.

You know, I had always been recommended ICO, but I never checked it out. I have heard fantastic things about it. Shadow of the Colossus is hard to live up to, though. I'll definitely look into it :)

I've got it on Steam, but haven't gotten the time to actually get around to playing it. I've been playing Metro Last Light lately though, and that game is so much better than I'd imagined it would be. I haven't actually felt this scared playing a game since the original Dead Space. I remember I played that game at like 3 in the morning during the winter and man, I'd feel so lonely and terriffied. That reminds me, remember when Dead Space was scary?

I believe the two games are spiritually related! Since you loved Shadow of the Colossus so much, I highly recommend you give that game a shot.