Favorite burgers?

So I wanna know what everyone's favorite burgers are: homemade, burger joint, what kind of burger, etc.,


Me and my dad just finished making some burgers (at 11:30 PM) when he got home.

Two patties, 4 or 5 layers of cheese, with some egg, chile & lime hot sauce soaking the bun, BBQ sauce, some guacamole, jalapenos, and some cayenne pepper powder.

Massive burger, but so good.



I like Mines Pretty Simple

  1. Mushrooms
  2. Swiss.
  3. Tiny bit of Barbeque (Or Teriyaki) [Depends on my Hunger Mood.]


The veggie variant with mayo, ketchup, tomato, lettuce, and a small pickle on a white bun.


My favorite burgers to go out and eat come from a little greasy place about 20 minutes from me.  The place is called Charlie's and it's in Folsom which is just outside of Philadelphia.  (Give me some love Philly people!!).  By the look of them you would think they're terrible but they're addicting as heLL.

Here's a yelp link to give you all the info you need:


Enjoy the food porn....

Muenster cheese, egg, and a light layer of mayo. 

Basically anything burger with bacon on it and I'm sold. Not very healthy but heck I love bacon burgers. Even more so when paired with BBQ.

my favourite are homemade, with whatever I find in the fridge basically, but so long as that includes bacon, cheese, tomato, pickles it always turns out great. I really want to try the blumenburger at some stage, for those who don't know it's a burger that takes 30 hrs to cook, (here is the recipe http://recipecircus.com/recipes/Gill/Beef/Hamburger_.html, and here is the documented process http://aht.seriouseats.com/archives/2008/05/the-blumenburger-the-most-laborintensive-hamburger-in-the-world.html


Sunset Grill in Agat, Guam get the Dre Burger

3floyds brewpub in Munster Indiana has a short Rib Burger that is great.

Medium QP Patty,

Slice of American cheese 

lettuce, tomato, cooked onion

steak sauce, ketchup 

a glass of stella artois :)

Have any of you tried a Humpty Dumpty burger? I thought it was alright. 

As far as fatfood joints go, I love the Double Bacon and Cheese from Whataburger and well as the Whatachicken sandwhich with the honey butter instead of the Honey BBQ. Hell you can build them however you want. 

As far as my own, well I'll sub for another burger joint called "The Shack" just outside of Houston. It's difficult to describe my personal favorite creation burger because I constantly make something crazier than the last and enjoy that.

 Also check out PRON BURGER and This list of Burgers

I'm not from the US myself, but everytime I visit I go to great lengths to find a "Five Guys Burger and Fries". Easily the best fast food chain I've ever been to. I'm even considering becoming the first franchise-taker in Denmark, just so I can eat their Burgers daily:) 

Fairly simple. 

A home cooked burger, small bun (no need for all that extra bread just enough to cover the meat), some bacon semi crispy, some philistine fake plastic cheese (sometimes you just want the cheap tasty crap) and garlic mayo on the bun.

EDIT: Onions, I forgot the onions. Thanks Jody for jogging my memory. 

Side with chips and maybe peas and a beer, perfect.

Only Californians will know what this is... Double-double animal style, that's my favorite if I'm buying it.  If I'm making it at home: put it on the grill, add sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and avocado slices or guacamole.

I love the "Earthquake Burger" from the Puyallup fair (Washington) as well as the bacon cheese charburger from Wallies or the angus burger from Herfys

Nice sized burger, poppy seed bun, aged cheddar for cheese, bacon if I have any, jalapenos.

Sourdough bun that covers the meat. Burger patty cooked medium-well. Ketchup and mustard. Pickles. Lettuce, bacon, tomato then onions. Top of bun. YUMMY!!!!

Why not animal style a 4x4 and get on the fast track to cardiac arrest?

I was in Cali in May, In and Out was amazing!  Good call!