Favorite battery bank (for cell phone/tablet)

Hi all,

Looking for recommendations for a new battery bank. My ~5 year old Anker 10,000 mah isn’t charging all the way any more. I like the look of the Anker Powercore 20,000 and could bring it with me everywhere (I usually have a small backpack when I leave the apt).

With covid clearing up would like to be able to go do camping and still have my phone with me and usable. I thought the PowerStudio 300 was a cool idea (I backed it, then they recently cancelled the crowdsource and refunded everyone). The Jackery Explorer 240 looks really full featured, but doesn’t have great capacity for the price.

What are people using as a phone battery bank on the daily and what would you use for a phone and a tablet for a weekend?

I have an Anker powercore elite III mostly because it has the capability to charge anything I could possibly carry and uses USB C to charge. It does look like Newegg has it on sale right now if you wanted to check it out.


I’ve been a pretty big fan of Zendures products for a while. I backed their original battery banks when they were on Kickstarter or indie gogo. They’re worth a look. Great features although they may be a little heavy but that’s because they are a bit overbuilt.

Mophie Power Station USB-C 3XL I think it is 26650MAh or something silly. I just charge it on a Sunday and leave it in my bag for as long as it will last.