Favorite Anime?

I personally love DBZ, School Rumble, and Samurai Champloo. Oh, and I'm also a huge fan of Mysterious Girlfriend X. That one's a little bit weird, but I like the quirky style and can't wait for the next season. How about everyone else?

Anime, not animes.

Hellsing, Soul Eater, Dragonaught, Black Butler, D. Gray Man, Kenichi, Witchcraft Works, and Fairy Tale

naruto all the way i have almost $600 of the books and still collecting


I really need to update my own lists pretty badly.

yes, yes indeed, did you know you can watch the entire original series on hulu for free? 


Mind that I got banned a long time ago and I think that I got an accidental permaban.

bleach,one piece,high school dxd,yugioh,gundam wing,g gundam,inuyasha,soul eater,record of lodoss war