Fastest DDR3 SO DIMM memory kit

I was looking into upgrading an old Inspiron One 2320 with a crappy G620 for a Puppy Linux Machine. The RAM kit can currently do ~12 GB/s Read and Write at about 82 ns latency. I would like something a little faster or maybe with a little lower latency. The closest improvement I found is this:

Which can do about 15GB/s and has about 70 ns latency.

Does anyone know if their is anything faster out there.

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The max the cpu can handle is 17GBs.

I think I might just get the Micron.

Please e-bay don’t let me down.

Although maybe I might just leave it alone. I doubt I could feel the difeence.

17? Seems like an odd number. Sure it isn’t 16? :upside_down_face:

In general RAM speed matters very little for benchmark scores and very very very little in real-world scenarios.

Its probablly going to be a waste of money if i´m honnest.
On older intel like this memory speeds barelly matter for most of the daily use case scenario´s.

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only 12GB/s
4GB RAM kit


Puppy Linux with i3wm and put your Browser (Firefox Quantum) in ram… You will not be disappointed !

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PC3-10600 is 1333MHZ. PC3-12800 is 1600MHZ and PC3-14900 is 1866MHZ. The number after the PC3 is the maximum theoretical bandwidth. I see two issues with doing the upgrade as-is:

1 - That Pentium probably can’t saturate the bus for RAM much above PC3-10600.

This isn’t to say upgrading the memory can’t be useful. I have some 1600MHZ 9-9-9-24 RAM running @ 1400MHZ 6-7-6-18. The reduced latency does make a noticeable difference in how fast programs load and makes my system feel a little snappier, but it isn’t bottlenecking the bandwidth of my lowly Celeron G1850. Also, if you are running iGPU then it is directly tied to RAM performance. But that brings me to the second issue:

2 - If you can’t manually change the timings then you are hosed.

Pretty self-explanatory. Buying ‘faster’ (higher bandwidth) RAM and lowering the speed to match your bandwidth needs gives you the chance to significantly reduce latencies. This is really the only hope of squeezing observable RAM performance gains from a lower end CPU. If the machine does allow it then go for it!

Star Micro Sells RAM and other components. I have bought stuff from them since 2005. Upgraded an old laptop from a Pentium to an i5 bought from them before xmas. Even if you don’t want to get stuff there, it is worth looking around at the RAM and prices to give you an idea of what to get when searching eBay.