Fast DDR5 on AM5?

At this point, I am sure that many of you have heard about updates from AMD that supposedly fixed the issues with running DDR5 at speeds higher than 6000 MT/s. My question is simply: has this been confirmed to be the case, or is it only something that can be reliably done with specific motherboards or gifted CPUs?

The newest AGESA supports higher speeds than 6000MT/s. I’ve seen some report success at 7400MT/s. Honestly DDR5 has been quite a pain on the AM5 platform.

My Unraid box is chugging along at 6200MT on a 96GB kit at 1:1.
7950x, MSI X670e Carbon Wifi, Vengeance DDR5 6400MT CL32 2x48g xmp.

I’m sure I could get quite a bit higher with a 2:1, but is it really worth it?

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This is pure conjecture and rumor at this point, but it would not surprise me if DDR5 reach a sweet spot of 8000 MT/s and less than 40 CL by the end of next year (e.g. what DDR4 3200 MT/s CL16 did for AM4), and even reach 10 GT/s with less than CL50 before the end of the DDR5 memory useful life.

I find it unlikely that the AM5 6x0 series motherboards (A620, B650, B650E, X670, X670E) will reach that high, but the AM5 7x0 series might.

That said, memory speeds above 6000 MT/s have such diminishing returns, it will probably take another 3 years before you can even bench the difference in most games, let alone tell the difference.

You maybe able to go even faster now with the v1007c AGEESA updates.

I’m currently using the Gskill EXPO kit running at 6000 on my ASUS X670E-E Gaming Wifi board.

Getting AM5 motherboards to post with more then 1 stick or fast speeds is a thing. Feel like I am beta testing type thing but ya.

What I really want to know is if anyone has tested quad-DIMM at 6000.

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That maybe more problematic due to the speed of the ram and the integrated memory controller.

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In doing my research before making this post, I found a few people who managed to pull it off, but they reported that it was a bit fiddly to get it working properly.

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Wow, that is quite good. What timings do you use?

Memory timing preset “Tighter”

Aside from the Fclk, I haven’t spent any time actually tuning. The RAM settings are a preset from MSI’s “Memory Try It!” and secondary timings.

After everything I’d heard about the 1007 AGESA I was excited to try it. That being said I was able to run my 32GB kit at those settings 1:1 before the August AGESA update using safe, low voltages… but not afterwards. I’d have to spend a lot of time randomly fiddling with it to figure out why and just not gotten around to it yet, was half waiting for 1008 or whatever the next AGESA will be.

Zen 4 is still a first-gen DDR5 memory controller, every first-generation controller is going to be limited. It’ll be Zen 5 before AMD sees a huge jump in frequencies, especially at four modules or 128GB+ configurations.