Fan sleeveing cable

im.looking to custom sleeve my fans and everything else. was wondering what wouldnbe true black sleeving i can buy in bulk thats durable. aswell as pre cut heat shrink

I've used paracord before(just bought it at the local hobby store), but perfermance-pcs, or mainframe customs would be good sources of other types of sleeveing materials.

im gonna do full paracord thats what i wanna do to begun with i need like 3 yards is it expensive

I got 100ft for like $6(usd) at hobby lobby, bought 2 colors, and it worked very well. I would be willing to bet you can find a good price on it at places like amazon, or other hobby websites.

here is a site that has 50ft for $4.09 plus shipping

im canadian what stores i know we have a 1 art store idk the name tho

ah, yeah that makes things a bit different. Search for 550 paracord on line and see if any good Canadian sources come up. Anything I may find might not be available to you. Hopefully you can find a good source and share the results when you finish.

5M 4mm Shielding Sheathing Auto Wire Harnessing Black Nylon Braided Cable Sleeving
(from AliExpress Android)
127pcs 2:1 7 Sizes Assortment Polyolefin Halogen-Free Heat Shrink Tubing shrinkable Tube Sleeving Wire Cable Kit
(from AliExpress Android)
I would try those... Less than 5$ for 5m sleeve and 127 shrinks...

i was reading the reviews and they said its see through

That was just the first results I found for cable sleeving and heat shrinks.
Browse a bit and you will be able to find something, that fits your needs...
I found 15$ dual rgb magnetic strips with pci-e mounted controller... So yeah, just browse a bit. You will be surprised.

u do u knoe much about the phantek enthoo evolv atx

I know of it... What about it?

does the leds that comenwith the case plug into a rgb headder on the motherboard so i can sync all my rgb strips and case lights and ram rgb aswell as mobo rgb or is it indapendant

That speciffic case have no LED strips...

There is a tiny LED at the lower front of the case. It's not RGB, it's just a single LED, not multiple RGBs...

the TG ones rgb

It's just an RGB strip with a controller, that sends the strip certain signals...
You should be able to unplug the strips from the case controller and plug them wherever you want...

I use the mdcp stuff. The quality is the go to for the modding community. Paracord... Cheaper but snags.

would u have a link for MDCP?
also what size of shrink wrap is the proper size i should get

oh ! ok because i want everything to go though my motherbaord since i have certain parts rgb kuz im doing a watercolor build that can have any color fluid

Check for (local purchase)