Fan noise 4870

hi just wondering when i turn my fan speed on my 4870 to 25% i hear kind of a ticking like a baseball card in a bike spoke but when i speed it up it goes away.. is this normal or rather should i be making a big deal out of this?

i dunno if it's normal, but probably don't make a big deal about it, just keep it at 50+

u probbablly have a peice of paper stuck in there

just open it up and clean itt it should work

something is probably stuck, like armmego said

yea lol, prob, funny story, my uncle had same problem, turned out a bunch of insects were living in his cpu cooler (the heat sink, not the fan), 1 day, the insects decided to move to the fan because the heat sink got real hot, but the fan was at full speed, they ended up dying and plashing little insect guts all over the inside of his PC. The Pc Lived, but cooler didnt, neither did the insects