Whats your favorite Fallout game? What are some of your favorite moments? Does the music creep you out too? What is your favorite track? Which is your favorite game in the seires? What do you know about the story? What are some easter eggs you know of? What are some secret location's? What are some good mods? How many hours have you put into one game? How mad where you when the overseer kick you out in fallout 1? Would you give up a quondike bar for a fallout game?

I love the Fallout series; the characters, the dialogue, the action, the atmosphere; everything about it calls to me as a good game.

I'd have to say my favorite is Fallout 2, which is just a fun game. Story-wise, Fallout 1 takes the throne. I love 3 and NV, but they can't compare to the story of the original.

As for good mods, the best ones out there are graphical mods; a custom ENB, and 2k or 4k textures completely change the atmopshere and experience of Fallout 3 and NV - night and day, really.

Imo new vegas was the best for me cause i just havent invested as much time into fallout 3. But most people would say which ever one you play first you would like that one more. I think i have put around 300+ hours into new vages on pc and ps3 combined. But i am definetly looking forward to Fallout 4 and will put more hours into that than any other game.

I agree, the fallout seires is the best seires of games I have ever played but tatics...I choose not to talk about that.

I also can't wait to see what bethesda has for us in Fallout 4.

fallout 2 with the restoration project is awesome

I have spent years playing and replaying the fallout franchise. Fallout and Masters of Orion 2 were my favourite games on my apple mac back in 1997 - 199, a little hazy on the year :-).

the weakest one was fallout tactics (I dont even count that crappy original xbox game as part of fallout), other than that they are all excellent games

Fallout 3 for sure, was kinda disapointed with New Vegas. Never played Fallout 1 or 2

I would say New Vegas is my favorite. Love the setting and all of the different places you can explore. Fallout 3 felt like Oblivion, where once you saw one cave or castle, or in Fallout's case - cave and random abandoned place, it's like you've seen them all. Was too repetitive for me. I still play it from time to time. 

Some of my favorite mods: Classic Fallout Weapons - should be self-explanatory; MTUI - significantly improves the UI and makes it much easier to use with keyboard & mouse; Mr Moneybags - adds a guy with $30k caps to Goodsprings (makes it so much easier to sell all your crap); all of Millenia's weapon mods - very high-quality weapon mods, great meshes and textures, sounds, and lore-friendly.

Fallout is my favorite series! Fallout 2 is my favorite, without a doubt. Hated Fallout 3, though.

Yeah, most people who haven't played Fallout 1 or 2 probably share turbo-travis's opinion. New Vegas was actually a huge treat for long-time Fallout fans, since it fits into the series way better than Fallout 3 did.


I tried both f1 and f2, and found them boring. Fallout 1 in particular did not feel have much substance to it.

One of the main aspects of Fallout 3 I enjoyed was the atmosphere, I feel that they struck the perfect balance between post apocalyptic grittyness and retro futuristic lunacy. I could never really get into New Vegas, I felt it did not take it's self seriously enough.

First off I am a young lad, so i have not played Fallout 1 or 2. I personally love Fallout 3. reasons being; the setting is just amazing. I was scared when i went into town ( Washington ) the major land landmarks guarded by the Brotherhood was an amazing image to relive. I am so upset i cant play this game on my windows 7 pc   :(  New vegas was rushed and the grpahics were just awful everything was slapped with orange / brown from paint. 

ive played fallout 1a little and a lot of 3 and nv, and i honestly like nv the best, but then again i havent played the interplay games much (but i need to since i bought them on steam when they went on sale)

Fallout New Vegas is probably my favorite. I liked 3 quite a bit, but it's not as good in gameplay terms. While I don't like them as much, I can still appreciate Fallout 1 and 2, which are both pretty fun for what they are.

Fallout is my favorite series out of all the games I have played.   My favorite of the series is Fallout New Vegas.  A lot of people who don't like Fallout New vegas are the people who haven't really played the first games.  Fallout 3 didn't really tie in with the Fallout series in general and I feel it strayed away from its heritage.  I play with a crap ton of mods in my fallout games  but my favorite mods are:  Project Nevada ( I highly recommend this mod )  A world of pain, Niner, Willow, etc.....  all of these mods are great.  I absolutely cannot wait for Fallout 4 I'm so excited for it.

Fallout 3 is my favorite in the series because the world was so huge! It was quite creative in the humor and total sense of devastation. The thing I really appreciated the most is that they got Liam Neeson to voice act as your father. There were lots of things to do and you were pretty much alone and the world rested on "you" finding your own path.

I second that about Project Nevada.

Haven't played 1 or 2, I have them on GOG and they are on my to play list. I have played a little Tactics and its MP with friends and it was pretty fun. Creating a fully custom squad to your playstyle was really cool. And probably because I havent played 1 and 2 I dont understand why Tactics is a bad game.

I had a problem with leveling system in FO3, it kind of made you good at almost everything. NV was a lot better in that aspect. NV aslo seemd kindof liner at the beginning and really opened up several hours in when you got little more powerful, but that may have been just how I played it.

Fallout 3 got me into the series, and that game was a time vampire to me for almost a year. After playing New Vegas it felt like a disappoint to me because of the lack of above/undergroud exploration and sort of empty to me. ( I was also kind of disappointed by how small the actual town New Vegas was) But it did introduce a gun mod mechanic, and a way to track where you were with each faction which is what I really liked.

I have a copy of Fallout 2 just sitting around that i've been meaning to play for a while...

Seeing as though Bethesda's latest games haven't been all that great (Fallout 3 being pretty generic and very un-Fallout, and Skyrim being way too simplified and underwhelming in general), I'm not excited for Fallout 4, since I doubt they're getting Obsidian back for it.