Fallout Online Beta

I dont care that its an MMO its fallout by interplay the way its supposed to be.
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oh yes :D :D

I would have preferred Bethesda to be doing it (as I love Bethesda), but I'll still sign up nonetheless :P

I would have preferred Bethesda to be doing it (as I love Bethesda), but I'll still sign up nonetheless :P

did u play 1 and 2? Bethesda is ok but i dont think they did fallout justice.

Wait what exactly is this? Is this a mod for Fallout 3 adding multiplayer or is it a complete standalone game based off the fallout world?

Nevermind I just looked it up. Its a total conversion Fallout 2 online mod right? Sounds awesome.

signed up a while back. i hope its good but i dont know if it will be. the fact that its Interplay dosnt really mean much. Interplay was the publisher for the original two fallouts not the developer. not to mention its not really even the same Interplay. from my understanding Interplay was bought out, pretty much drove completely under, then to deal with debt they laid off the the people of Black Isles Studios and sold the Fallout IP to Bethesda. the games got maybe a few original people working on it...

no its a fallout MMO by interplay.

sweeeet : 3

sweeeet : 3


It does actually because its not Bethesda. Bethesda is really good at shiting on good series(fallout and Elder Scrolls).


What? Elder Scrolls is awesome.

so your point of view is that since its not Bethesda it will be good... ok.

@killgroup  yes Elder Scrolls is awsome, but Oblivion.....not so much
@spitesuicide  I didnt say just because it wasnt Bethesda it would be good. I just trust fallout in the hands of Interplay more than Bethesda.

well i guess that with bethesda theres pretty much a 100% chance that what they make will be a bethesda-ish rpg and with this mmo theres at least a chance of it being good and more true to the original fallout. which hopefully it is.. all im saying though is that you shouldnt put too much into the name interplay because at this point thats more or less all it is.

I thought Oblivion was really good, ok, the story was a bit meh, and the repetitive oblivion gates were a pain in the ass, but it was a really good looking game, it felt like a fantasy land, I used to enjoy physically running from city to city because the landscape was so....encapsulating.

Fucking registered!

May I ask what Interplay Fallout-game you voted for?