Fallout new vegas crappy performance

Okay, so I recently bought fallout new vegas for my PC in hopes to play with lots of mods and generally have a good time as I did in fallout 3. My system more than meets the game requirements, but I only get on average 36 fps without any mods. These are my system specs, the ones on my profile are out dated. Mobo- Askrock fm2-a75m-dgs CPU - AMD Athlon x4 750K Oc'd to 4.0 Ghz GPU - GTX 650 ti oc'd to 1033 mhz PSU - Corsair cx430 HDD- Seagate barricuda 500Gb (this really doesn't matter, neither does the PSU ). I can play skyrim at 50+ fps at ultra with an enb , (the one I have is the platinum ENB, you can look it up) and have TONS of other mods and the game seems to be happy. I can also run BF3 on high / ultra settings. Please help because I would like to fully enjoy the game. Ps I tried lowering the game settings and it did not help, also, if I use an enb or other performance killing mods the performance of the game stays the same as if there were not any mods.

Try this mod if you haven't already.

http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/51664/?   - Unofficial patch


I will try it out :D thanks for the help -Cody

*Edit* Well I tried it, and it really did not help D: I have tried to see if others have had the same problems, and to no avail.

I have resolved the issue that I was having. I got the Fallout New Vegas Stutter Remover, and that really took care of everything. Now I am rocking a solid 50+ Fps almost everywhere in the wastes , with an ENB and a lot of other mods.

You might want to look into 3-4GB RAM Enabler for the .EXE file. When playing games like fallout the game is most likely limited to 2 GB ram. When playing with mods the game will hit the 2 GB limit and mostly crash and limit the performance.


I usually play around 80+ fps with all max settings. AMD 6870 and AMD 955 be 3.4 ghz

Look for tweaks in the .ini file, there are some tweaks for multi-core cpu's.