Fallout 4 - What do you want to see?

I personally wouldn't mind seeing Bethesda do a little bit of a... reimagining, of the Fallout universe in FO4 (BLASPHEMY!), maybe redesign some of the weapons? add some new ones? create some new radically irradiated enemies? even change up some of the armors a tad? Nothing that would totally blow the lore out of the water like a new faction, just little things to spice up the game a bit. I know it's a poor comparison but all the weapons and armors in the ES series have had pretty radical redesigns from one game to the next, (glass is a decent example of this) yet were quite recognisable, which I feel has stopped it from feeling overly same-y whilst still keeping that familiar ES feel. And yes I know that there are mods for this kinda thing but I'd be interested in seeing how the guys at Bethesda would go about it.

Oh and better textures, 'nuff said.

Anyway thats just me, I'd love hear what you guys would want aswell, anything and everything!

I want to see it never realeased to console, a pc exclusive. This, along with exremely good graphics that show this is the case