Fallout 4: Silly Bugs, Outstanding!

Hey folks! I hope you're enjoying this game.
... So i am encountering some really weird bugs/glitches during my adventures, Stuff like: characters missing half of their pants/skirts, two-headed deers randomly appearing out of the blue and helping me kill legendary shit, companions just leaving for a break and etc. All funny. Are you seeing stuff like that? Thanks

P.s. Best way to deal with a feral ghoul is to shoot out it's arms, make things interesting.

I walked into a clothes store in Diamond City. There was a mannequin stuck in a ceiling fan, and Dogmeat was floating in mid air.

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It's been really good for me - the only thing I've found annoying is my Minutemen stopped broadcasting from Castle when I reorganized my electric infrastructure and insist the tower is offline even though it's receiving 30 units of electricity.

And I can't kill them :(

But those ghouls - so much fun.

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Rather bizarrely

ever since i dialled back my overclock by about 100mhz most of the bugs I was encountering are gone

dont know if that is coincidence or not

just got the x-0 arnour, hella cool.. looks like the enclave armour :D

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well FO4 goes total 100% crazy when you disable the frame lock and run above 70fps, that might have something to do with it

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I was thinking of that! Fo4 runs better with faster ram, i read that somewhere. I'm fine with glitches as long as it doesn't break the progress like the broadcast tower bug remption mentioned.

I guess we have to start to manage game savings. OCD style.

I've honestly ran into so many small bugs that it's just become a wash of white noise in my gameplay.
The one stand out bug, however, is the Vertabird AI...without fail, a Vertabird will crash into a building or tree or fly to low and blow itself up...

I save everytime before I access a terminal as 1 in 5(ish) chance of getting stuck in the animation, it could be because I am wearing power armour pretty much all the time now :D

I have 20 fusion cores saved up + the intelligence perk of making them last twice as long + book perk of extra 10%

I was eyeing up that gatling laser as I know it would chew through fusion cores like nobodies business BUT IT WOULD BE GLORIOUS doing it :D

I literally do the exact same thing! There are several terminals in the game that I just cannot use because I always get stuck in the animation. I had to cheat and no-clip through a door because the terminal didn't work :P