Fallout 4 Location

so my good friends. i heard today rumors of faloout 4 being set in my hometown of boston, massachusetts. im wicked excited about this. opinions?

Well, given the Fallout community was burned by TheSurvivor2299 hoax, this new Kotaku article is also subject to suspicion. However, given it's one of the major regions known in Fallout lore but never visited, the Commonwealth (Boston and area, especially MIT "The Institute") would make sense.

Well, I think this is probably a controlled leak to get fans excited about Fallout 4. Following the disappointment and outrage after the hoax. Bethesda received quite a lot of negative publicity, because they failed to respond to the rumours and speculation.

In addition to the location, they have released a list of voice actors that are involved in the game.

How about New York or LA? Plot twist: You have to escape. And survive...