Fake Ratings on Threadripper CPUs?


I noticed this on the AMD Reddit forum and it was something very shady. I am not going to harp on Intel for this with no evidence to be clear on that. But there are a lot of 1-2 Star ratings and some very strange reviews (one of them was a 4 star rating surprisingly, but it read like they didn’t mean the 4-Star).

It could most likely be just a bunch of trolls stirring the nest around. After all, the rating system on this site is incredibly flawed. The reviews in general were poor, never-mind these strangely fake reviews. This website is not big on reviews anyways compared to say, Amazon.


I will just translate some negative reviews so others can discuss.

Language might suck a bit, I tried to capture as much of the “style” of the original review as possible.

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And now for my opinion on those opinions:
Someone is butthurt about AMD running away with the fastest CPU for cheap award.


i kind of agree with the first one. those that can afford a 2k cpu wont worry about saving some money,

But what it now allows is people who are on tighter budgets to do work they usually struggle to doand thats the market amd is targeting.

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Still amazes me each comment has a “Translate” you can click on and “instant english”!
Professional trolling is used in other areas, and it is cheap advertising compared to a superbowl ad.

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AMD still has reputation issues with people not looking to swap their workstation every 2 years.

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People with money tend to be the cheapest people around.

These are not reviews, they are opinions. These statements are being made by people who do not need nor would ever purchase a CPU like Threadripper or the i9. Their views mean nothing.

AMD was very kind to make an 8 core. This allows those who need PCIe to get it without spending more on CPU they may never use.

I doubtfully will fully utilize the 1950X for long periods of time and could have easily gotten away with a 1920X but I could not resist. Earlier this year I was looking at a 6850K, entry level for 44 PCIe lanes. The 6850K and Rampage board at the time would have cost me $1650 CAD. The 1950X and MB cost me $1940 CAD. The choice for me was a no brainer.

If I was i9 I would already have maxed out its PCIe lanes. I plan to add another M.2 and GPU before the end of the year, how would I do that with i9? For me higher clocks are useless without the PCIe, YMMV.


This. This is me. I don’t have a TON of money but I have enough to get any PC that I wanted on a consumer/enthusiast platform (Mainstream intel or AMD). I’m a pretty cheap person. I’m not going to spend money just because I can. Guess what I went with… a 1700 and a 1080.


My point exactly. So if you did, absolutely, need a 16 core CPU would you spend 50% more money on a CPU with a 10% performance increase?

You and I see it the same way, cheap is not a derogatory term.


If the work was truly that critical then possibly. However I’d imagine work would be footing the bill for that machine, and i certainly wouldn’t be taking it home haha.

In short No, probably not. Complete waste of money (to me) for a personal machine.

** quick edit **
even a few years ago when choosing between the i7 3770k and FX-8350 I stuck with the 8350 and noticed no issues with speed until about 2017. Even that was likely a graphics related issue (770). In my eyes Intel makes great chips, they just have no idea how to price things. sorry but I’m not paying $400 for the new i7 even if it’s 20% faster than my 1700. That 20% doesn’t make up for the cost of a new mobo with every chip they release.


im exactly the same too. i will always take the less $$ option.
But the point he is getting at i think is the ones who can afford it with no drama will usually go the intel because of the “hype”. Its the same reason the majority of youtube personalities still go the intel option because “amd is for poor people”.
I am a amd fan always have been and would buy TR in a heartbeat if i could.This current intel system i have is the only intel system i have had since the p75 lol.

that was the main reason i stayed with amd for ever. if i wanted to update i didnt always have to update motherboard. And i have always paid for premium Motherboards so it was never a issue with compatability with the new chip (until am3).

In my opinion amd have always been the stable option for upgrading.

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I disagree. Those people buy Apple…

People will buy X299, as fans, severe overclockers, braggers or simply people who do not know any better.