Factorio Mega Base

With how popular the game is here I’m surprised this doesnt already exist. 0.17 recently went to stable and I’ve gotten back in the game because of it.
Post cries for help, useful tips, screencaps of your rocket per minute base or your noob spaghetti mess.
Blueprints are a big help too since factorioprints.com has been fubar for a few months

For those that are wondering if its worth the price, yes, it is. Do not wait for a sale.

lol mega base instead of mega thread


Seconded! It’s a ton of fun, and as addictive as crack

and they said they won’t do any sales

COUGH humblebundle

Well, I am for sure wrong. Maybe steam sales, or just plain wrong

I love this game, I have 400 hours in it. Highly recommended.

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I can fire up my server again if you guys want.

im a single player only type guy until I get .17 down solid, only I can poop in my sandbox

That’s the beauty of this sandbox. No one cares about it…but fair enough.

Factorio looks like the type of addictive time sink game I should avoid, but f it, might as well go for it.

@Eviscerate welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

just gotta automate this one last thing and then I’ll go to bed…

3 hours later

Its still not efficient enough.