Facebook jumps to live video

In last 3-4 days, when I open my FB page, after 10-20 sec, browser jumps on some random LIVE VIDEO. In notification settings, live videos is on "all off".

I test this on two different Win10 PC's and on Chrome and Opera. Same stuff. Only on Edge FB dont jumps on live videos.

I try to google this issue but I cant find anything. Anybody have the same problem ?

I've been having the same issue, spent the past few days googling for an answer with no luck -- as a matter of fact, this post is the only relevant result I managed to find. Just had to register to let you know you're not the only one...highly annoying.

I closed my Facebook account a month or two ago after having it since 2004? It has morphed from a great way to keep in touch with college buddies / know where the party is at to something that gives a podium and megaphone to the darker side of humanity. I don't need to know which family members or old high school friends are racist. It is contributing to the divide in the country. People say things to others that they would never dare say to them if they were in the same room.

I can honestly say I've seen an improvement in my overall happiness. I started using Google Plus a little more and found it adequate to share family photos and do the things I would otherwise miss from Facebook.

I know my response isn't really related to the original post, but I thought I'd share my happiness.

I test this issue with a another FB acc last night. Same result. After adding some pages (on that FB acc) that publish streaming on FB, I find out that FB page jumps on the live videos just like with my FB acc.

And there is you.. first person that I find on the internet that have same problem. I start to think that FB page starts to jump on LIVE VIDEO's when someone commenting on that same videos. Jumps when there is some activities or something. But again, I just can't find the option in FB settings to disable something like that.

And just to correct my self, it is the same issue with all browsers that I test: Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge etc.


@p3t3or FB is like everything else. Good or bad, it depends on how you use it.

It wasn't so much how I was using it (other than adding people), but more so how others were using it that I no longer had an interest in seeing.

I understand the bad side of the FB. But my page is like, RSS feed for the news and 10% or so.. is post's from the "friends". And I use FB to be up to date with the stuff that I have interest in and to be in contact with a ppl that I care. But if someone starts to spam some BS, I will just block/unfollow them. And I block maybe 1K of some stupid website's that ppl share from time to time. You can filter FB to be clean. Maybe it needs more work then with G+ but still.. it can be done.