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Facebook Down Globally


I am totally DOSSING Facebook in order to make Reddit number one.


Do you think this is related to the anti-trust thing from earlier?


But Reddit is such trash…


GASPS in Spanish


I missed it. What happened today/earlier?


Gaspe de espenola


One of our State Reps Elizabeth Warren made a big deal about breaking up the tech giants and then someone paid for ads on Facebook to try to get support to break up Facebook. As you can imagine Facebook took them down.


Either someone really messed up, or they’ve really rushed into the whole integrating the messaging services thing.



Could be a problem with the trans atlantic cables or DNSs?

Wich could be related to the connection between EU and America, stupid puddle! Makes driving over there so hard!


I doubt it especially when people in Spain literally can’t use Facebook.


I mean, it’s just one person I know that can’t get on.


I think some higher level ISP has made an error.


It is some sort of cyber warfare. Check this out.


Facebook finally did something I approve of!



rm -f /

I think that’s the command


Eh while in some ways I wish it was down permanently I do run a fan club for the New Jersey Devils on there which has me being creative / thinking and so glad that in time it was back up working well enough for me to do what I needed to do with the group throughout the game. Did have to use an animated gif instead of using a photo for one thing but it was fine.


You’re all wrong it was a zip bomb that Zuck double clicked on because the file was named



Google drive and gmail was also down for a bit yesterday.


Yeah it’s a right PITA because our offices use Gsuite (not my idea) and they couldn’t answer client emails.


Q has mentioned this