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Facebook Down Globally


It would seem that Facebook’s website is down. The Android app and messenger still seem to work, but nothing else is.


Watch, everyone will go to Twitter to see if Facebook is down.


Probably too much data harvesting, servers commited mass suicide /s


And now Messenger has stopped working internationally.


Its working in the uk ?


I am I the US and I was talking to someone in the UK, and it just stopped working. I got a reply via email to confirm they hadn’t just stopped chatting.


Hopefully you didn’t pay international chat rates.


Messenger and email are free so no worries there.

This looks like it could be a wider issue than just FB networks.
Xbox Live, Twitter, and Venmo seem to be effected as well.


Phew. I was going to say.

Edit: darn. I got the order wrong.


You’re fired




Reading the comments on downdetector, it seems like just about everything is going down, or went down at some point today.


Remember when YouTube went down?


I can still send messages on Messenger in the UK, but I’ve been having trouble sending picture messages since 5pm UTC. My Spanish friend has been kicked off completely. Literally no way of contacting that isn’t email or expensive text messages haha. Gone back 15 years.

Isn’t it fun having one company owning three of the main messaging platforms? Interesting that downdetector has so many reports of sites that aren’t(?) using Facebook servers.


That would be hell. How else will I listen to find out more about the latest woo?


Down, down, down you’re rolling
Watch the blood float in the muddy sewer
Take another hit
And bury your brother


Centralization is bad, mmmkay.


Someone doing some DDossssssage?


The fridges are taking revenge!


AND we die youuung.