External Hard drive

Can someone help me find a cheap 1TB external hard drive, and I don't think I can purchase items from newegg since I am in Australia. I am also looking at paying around $50 AUD, I hope this is not to much to ask.

Thanks for your help, in advance.

Sorry but i don't think you can get a 1tb external hdd for under $50.

I checked MSY,PCCG,Ebay,Scorptec,CPL and PLE computers.

Ah damn, looks like we get ripped off heaps here in Australia.

Thanks anyway.

Maybe I'll wait till Christmas and see the pricing then.

i checked too (omg aus is retarded exspensive), think the best i saw was a 500G for $55 or something.

You can always buy from the US/UK amazon site and use their Global Shipping option, it costs more but you might get a deal, something to look at anyway.

Yeh there is a sale every now and then. Just keep an eye on it.

Ah right, thanks.