Experiencing Some Freezing On Manjaro. 🤦‍♂️😬 Anyone Have Any Tips/Suggestions/Advice? 🤔

Man, I literally can’t remember the last time I actually posted here since it’s probably been a while… :laughing: Still, the reason I’ve been forced to post here is for good reason which I will touch on later in the post. For now though, why don’t we jump right in? :unamused: :man_shrugging:

Recently, my mom’s pc became bricked & I had to help her switch to a different distro. [For anyone wondering/curious, she’s absolutely TERRIBLE when it comes to tech since she doesn’t have time to get good at it which means, I’m the tech guy around home. Also, we don’t have the original Windows installation media that came with her system & since Windows 8.1 is officially not supported any longer, that’s why she runs Linux.] As of now, she’s running Manjaro KDE Plasma & performance has been relatively good aside from some freezing that tends to occur once in a while. I ought to mention that her pc is a Dell Inspiron 3647 & the hardware hasn’t really been upgraded or changed whatsoever since getting it. Speaking of the hardware, I’ve at least been able to determine there are NO issues with the hardware itself; it’s just a bit “behind-the-times” compared to newer, more modern systems.

Getting Manjaro installed & setup wasn’t really a hassle thankfully, but I’m not quite sure what the factor(s) are with the occasional freezing, but that’s where someone here can come in! :slight_smile: She at least uses Stacer to clean up junk files & such several times a week, but I’m curious to know if there’s any other software out there for like optimizing Linux for a little more performance… :thinking: [If you guys know of anything that can fit the bill here, sound off in the comments. :point_down: I’d appreciate it! :clap: :+1:] I don’t really know what kernel she’s on, but I left it at like whatever the default is which is probably fine unless she does need to be on a newer kernel for whatever reason(s). Lastly, her use is pretty basic: You know, web browsing, maybe using a built-in video player to watch a video online or via Youtube, etc.

Now, before I’m officially done here, you’re probably wondering why I have to post here when you know Manjaro has an official forum of their own, & you’d be correct. But when I signed up, I never got a confirmation email & when I tried to join the official Discord server, I never got confirmation there either! :man_facepalming: :man_shrugging: So, that means this forum will have to do given the circumstances & that I’m STILL waiting. [Also, I DO have some experience with Linux here & there, but I personally don’;t daily drive it given that I’m more of a Windows type of guy.] I believe I covered all of the details, but if I forgot anything, or if you need additional info, feel free to ask & I will be sure to reply back best I can per my knowledge! :ok_hand:

With that being said, I hope someone here can help me out! :crossed_fingers:So, thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Never heard of it, and it shouldn’t be necessary, the common linux distros don’t clutter as the Windows OS does.

Your mom should be fine with just emptying trash or removing unused installed software.

You can see installed manjaro kernels in packages “linux**” like “linux56” is Kernel 5.6.xx

I think you should pick a lightweight Desktop environment instead of trying to increase performance of popular ones.