Excuse my ignorance + overlayFS

I not a CS major and sometimes I think I barely qualify as a sysadmin.

(thread is a WIP)

I was trying to think of a simple way to get consistent OS patches from a distro repo on a group of systems, but something simpler than spacewalk or satellite.

Knowing very little about overlayFS, i think it might work… but at the same time, I dont know what I dont know.

Known Limitation:
I wont be able to roll back, only work from a point in time that I get it working and as I work forward. (unless i learn more about how repodata files/etc are created/built)

  • I feel like I should be able to have two file systems.
  • Once I get a good rsync of a repo… overlay the 2nd filesystem and then continue rsync, but some how have clients only seeing the lower level so they can be patched with the same level of package…

I hope to start trying it , but it’ll be a slow process as my home internet is quite slow.