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Excitement over Cast AR, and the thought of Dawn of War


After watching the video of Cast AR I knew from the start that this is going to be really big. After realizing that I also reminisce the day when I had first played the Dawn of War game as a giant tabletop game. SO, I'm really stoked when Cast AR will come to market for the reason that games like Dawn of War could be played like that again while also expanding upon that to make newer battlefields, new customization of the game pieces, new lands, along with new story lines. I see the future potential for this technology as well, and I was wondering if anybody else is looking forward to augmented reality bringing in a new era of table top gaming because with it we will be able to play with friends without being hindered by distance.



I'd like AR I think. A beefy machine with AR and you could have 3 monitors lol. I need to play with it though. If the new NV cards are pointed at VR I bet they would be good at AR.



I like your train of thought lol. I think you definitely wouldn't want a slouch of a computer running it because that would definitely kill the experience. I would think that even a gtx 980ti or a Fury X would be able to run it without any problems since the actual over lay isn't a full graphical rendered frame, but a graphical over lay of the "game area". Am I wrong in this assumption about this?



Mmmmmmmm, maybe? Fury has unfinished drivers and when the new 10 series comes out the 900 series is going to get nuked drivers wise as usual. AMDGPU might make it viable for a FuryX on linux but no one wants to tough it. I think with the angle of VR on the new cards it'll do great but even the best cards now are going to be too low level for this tech.

Also game area to me says it would work like the vive and with the tech changing as much as it does we'll have to wait and see on release :P I think the vive's spatial system makes this sort of thing extremely possible for in home use but a lot of the info is circumstantial at best I think. Plus other AR equipment will be out soon as mell O: Someone else on here might have more info too :P

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Real time edit lol



More thought came after I posted :U Tends to happen.



Well here is some food for thought, remember when the HD7970 was running good for the time it took for the R9 series to be released which I was suprised, and even when Nvidia had the GTX600 series still supporting game streaming to another computer. I think it might be a combination of both since if I'm not mistaken I think the creators where using a laptops.



Maybe. Looking more into cast AR it looks like it could be a budget thing compared to other AR. So, I wonder compared to hololens or even if google, the people who restarted this hype train, will come back and wreck the foundation and change how it would be formatted.

I've said elsewhere here AR really looks good for a phone replacement HUD. Thats what I want it for. So if, by speculation, Cast is a budget version would you need a beefy card? What would cast offer versus Holo or something google might have?

I should work in tech media. Lol

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I think what Cast is offering is LAN support, usable/playable pieces, I think maybe cheap usable glasses, local or remote game admin support for the platform, Customizing each player views or shared I think. I mean really just think if we had this when we where younger. Maybe googles stuff can be compared to it as well, but as for Hololens I don't know what the technology is for that platform, or the use case for it as well. Now the phone idea is very interesting, but it makes sense in order for us to have that platform we need this platform to come out.