Exchange my 4GB 680 for Crossfire 7970?

Hello - I consider myself intelligent, but when making my most recent build, I purchased an EVGA GTX 680 FTW+ 4GB graphics card. It is fantastic, running everything on my two 1920x1080p 24" monitors. However, for $559.99, I feel like I have (definitely) spent more money that I needed to for lower performance. I have considered selling my 4GB 680 and either getting 2 7970 3GB for Crossfire or 2 GTX 670 2GB in SLI. Seriously - $550 for a single GPU is way too much. I do not do any editing currently, aside from minimal chiptune, but would like to get into some in the near future. I mostly want shear power for minimal money. If you are interested in purchasing my GPU, send me a message - I would be willing to negotiate a price. I have also considered using dual 7950s, seeing as they go as low as $299.99 right now. Let me know what you think!



Brennan Riddell


Sli and crossfire are so buggy I would not consider it just stick with your 680 it is a beast and when the new 780's come out just sell your 680 and get a new card theres no point in changing something that isint broken 

i will buy your card if you still going to sell up

Don't, it isn't worth it. Most games don't support Crossfire, if they do, it is really buggy.

would 1x 7950 not fulfil all you needs for a fraction of the cost?

you already bought the card, and it's not a bad card, not at all. I say keep the 680, your not going to get you money back for it, and it's more hassle than it's worth to sell it.

I've been running two GTX 670s in SLI and they aren't buggy, they run just fine actually.  Can't comment on crossfire as I have never had experience dealing with it.