eVGA's new GTX 295 Co-Op Edition

Hey guys, while looking for a new videocard this weekend I stumbled upon the new eVGA GTX 295 Co-Op Edition, it is basically the 9800 GX2 of 295's, having both of the GTX 295's cores on a single PCB , this thing is a monster. Specs Below

[color=#cccccc]GeForce GTX 295 CO-OP Edition[/color]
[b]Core Clock Speed[/b]
Processing Cores
Memory Clock Speed
Memory Bandwidth
Shader Clock Speed

The card has an incredible 1792MB of GDDR3, boasting 225.79 GB/s of bandwidth. Having Dual DVI-I and HDMI 1.3a it has exceptional video quality . Has NVIDIA® PhysX™ bulit in. Is air and Water cooled depending on what you prefer, with support for 1/2" and 3/4" systems. I have a feeling that this is just what MeGotRice will use in his next build haha.

Boasting a MSRP: $519.99Â USD it is only abit over $100 dollars more then the 4870 X2.

This sucks for me seeing as I JUST ordered a new XFX 4870 1 GB.. Oh well....

Sounds like a beast.. Too bad I'll never afford it :(

that is what people said about the 4870X2, has it not went down like 100-200 dollars from launch price, if this does too.. then maybe

its a single pcb gtx295 not 2 gtx 295s on one board

lol I just realized that.. Fixed

Agh.lol...i bought a 9800 GT in Jan..to find out that if i waited 1 month ..or less...later...i could have got the 9800 GTX ...i was like..FUCK! lol

Anyways..my next plan is the AMD Phenom 955 for GTA IV...I can hardly run that shit..it's pathetic.

wow too bad i cant afford it lol

The single pcb gtx295 is not better then the dual pcb gtx295, only thing is that it runs cooler so it maybe a tad more overclockable.

I just ordered a XFX Radeon HD 4870 and my mom got a Phenom X4 9600 because she wanted to use my A64X2 4200 in a build she is going to try to do, she basically said, Here you can have this and I wnat your old one and that spare computer you have in your room, I was like, SURE! lol