EVGA GTX 760 ACX noise issue

Hey guys, so i recently upgraded my power supply from Corsair VS 650w to a Corsair RM series 650w modular. I put a bitfenix 24 pin extension into the build aswell as a cpu extension. However now my GPU a GTX 760 makes a small electric sounding noise whenver i play intrensive games on high-ish settings it is defiantely coming from the GPU and it never done this in my last case which was smaller. Is it a cooling issue? as i only have 3 standard fans in my vegeance c70 case(two intake and one exuast). Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.

Slight coil whine on gpu's aren't anything to worry about. If it the sound gets louder and really bothers you then RMA the card. 

Ah so its coil whine. Thats odd though considering it was fine prior to putting in a new case and changing power supply. And it is rather loud but is not audible when using a headset


The PSU can play a big role in the way coil whine happens. I sent back my first 7950 cause it screamed like a banshee. Replacement had a slight whine. My 760's now are dead silent so Im stoked.

Linus has a good video worth watching >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HP73edpQwgc