Evga 770 Classified or Evga 780 Ti Classified?

I'm trying to decide which would be better. I want to save money but then again, I also want to go overboard and get the 780 Ti just so I can have a GPU that will last me a very long time with better performance. Money isn't really an issue for either of these cards but I am just so indecisive. Please tell me your thought. Thanks!



What resolution will you be playing on? If you're going above 1080p, you'll almost certainly want the 780 Ti. Although, if you're open to it, an aftermarket R9 290 could be really good as well.

a 780ti is overkill for 1080p gaming but excellent for 1440p gaming. and if Money Isn't an issue i don't understand why you don't get it the 780ti. if you are on a budget and you want absurd peformance for the money THEN a 770 would be something to consider.  but if you really have the money to get the best then grab the best.

I just found out that I will NOT have enough money for the 780 ti, So thank you guys for helping so I will be going with 770

If you need something more affordable you can always try a 780.

You might want to rethink your options. If you are going 1080p, no ti may even be needed. I personally use a 780 acx and it blows away all games without even needing to overclock, although overclocking does raise some bars on the performance. A 770 will work just fine as well, it can max out just about any game, but it probably won't guarantee perfect smoothness on all. If you are looking to do 1440p gaming however, a 780 is honestly another outstanding option if you overclock or not, but honestly if you are familiar with it then you can probably match a 780 ti and save over $200. Although the 780 won't be butter smooth on 1440p, I can usually get around 40 ish frames on most games maxed out. If you don't mind having not completely smooth gameplay and are fine with around 40 to 50 ish frames maxed out on 1080p, then i'd say go with a 770. Otherwise, a 780 will be great all around if you want some beastly performance because it can get some ridiculous frame rates. The only reason I could suggest a 780 ti Classified (trust me, I owned one) is if you really wanna go hard as hell on the overclocking due to the massive pcb on the thing, or if you wanna go with water cooling because. The classified out dos any other card period when it comes to serious OC'ing and can achieve butter smooth frames on 1440p gaming if you wanna go all out. Hope this helped.