Evga 650 ti 2gb ssc

Hey everybody, I really need some clarification on a GPU for my new desktop and I'm set on the gtx 650 ti 2gb ssc. What I need to know is if that card is going to be the same (or hopefully better) performance compared to the 560m in the ASUS G53SX that I just sold. The specifications of that card were 2GB GDDR5 on a 128 bit card... the 650 ti has 2GB GDDR5 and is 128 bit, but since it is newer architecture I'm hoping it has much better performance. I will only be gaming on a 24 inch 1080p monitor so I'm positive the 650 ti will be fine for that resolution. If anyone has input on the performance difference between the two cards I would greatly appreciate it! 


Computer Specs:

Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 (6 Fans)

MSI MPower Z77 Motherboard

i5-3570k @4.3 GHz w/ Cooler Master Seidon in push/pull

Mushkin DDR3 1600 MHz (CL9)

Rosewill Fortress 550W 80 Plus Platinum PSU

SSD = Samsung 830 128GB

HDD = WD 1TB Caviar Black




The 650ti will have enormously better performance than the 560m you were using. Although you might also want to look at the 7850 as it'll offer better performance than the 650ti for only 30-40$ more. 

You will get more out of the 650 Ti but the amount of vRAM is sort of uneccesary for a lower end card as the card will probably become a bottleneck before the amount of memory your GPU has does. I'd say get this 7850 which will give you more preformance for around the same pricepoint. It's only a 1GB card but it should be enough for 1080P. If you feel you need the 2GB though you can get this 7850 for a bit more.

Thanks for the quick replies everyone! (Way faster than I was expecting, but then again this is the first post I've ever done on any forum ever lol)

I was thinking about the 7850 considering the price... as long as it's better than that 560m I'll be happy. I was happy with that card at the time and that was playing borderlands 2 well enough for me so anything even slightly better will be perfect for me. 

Thanks again and for the links as well!