Ever Wonder How to Stay Secure on the Digital Age?

The Digital Age is here. How does one stay secure and safe. I give an overview of what you need to know:

The written guide covers more:

Feel Free to ask questions.

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This looks very interesting, I had a quick skim through and what I've seen so far is very good advice, I'll read it in full later when I have more time. Its a pity that some people will not sacrifice some ease of use for better security, most of my family are in this camp but I do what I can on the network front to keep their devices decently safe.


I hope you lied about your passphrase being 18 characters, and said it just an example. Tiny bits of information like that weaken your security. If you use seemingly garbled characters as a password, then OK, but dictionary attacks are getting more and more sophisticated, it's scary.

Also, a note for everyone, watch out for social engineers. After all, WE are the weakest link in the security chain.