Even Comcast Support is more helpful that this crap. AKA Steam Support Is Absolutely Abominable

Thanks Tifa, Franky, and Mike
I see they hired the best in the business...
Nice automated responses though, I'm sure that bot
sure is a great way to cut down on actually hiring real

it has to be, or these "people" really aren't being paid anything lol


Just hope you don't ever have to deal with Coinbase support. I have an issue that probably would take them minutes to complete but they keep asking me stupid questions or misunderstanding what I'm trying to say and then it'll take them three to four days to reply. Going on a full month to fix a simple issue. Fucking miserable.

I just straight up asked the support technician to give my issue to someone else that will actually help me. That was four days ago. Still no reply.

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Funnily enough I just got my answer after basically asking if I can talk to a real person.

Thanks Malarie! Whoever you are.

What was the answer?

that the DLC wasn't released yet, and i had not yet heard, although one would have known if they read every line of the store page as it was very easy to miss.

Early Access man, it's a dangerous place to be
also, most people release DLC when the DLC is actually finished, but that's just me apparently.

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As a guy who worked support before, this is what happens when people can't or won't open customer history but only reply to the current mail at hand. I had some people at work that were doing the same. And then you get those customers on the line and you're just facepalming real hard.

The problem is that a lot of support workers just have this idgaf mentality cause it's a short time job or something...

But yeah, googling the DLC name would have helped maybe? :stuck_out_tongue: Pretty sure you're not the first with this issue :smiley:

Yeah i figured, I was super tired and got a touch nippy (not too aggressive tho) that i guess signaled to support that hey, maybe we should help this dude out, lol...

as for google, I looked, and it was just conversations from 2014, all about what the DLC will be.

I just assumed that since it was so old, and their conversations were mostly closed/dead that it had been released lol.

haha it reminds me of my rockstar support horror story


(rockstar from gta)

ah yes,

this intrigues me.


I don't remember exactly how it happened, it was around a year ago, I kind of remember that It was a scripted reply after the next, therefore they never addressed my problem, every now and then a human reply went into the right direction but since there's a different person each reply they weren't helpful.
Obviously I solved the issue myself, it was something related to the game heavily stuttering when I moved the mouse cursor (I don't remember what I did to fix it, I think something related to vsync).

lol sounds about right.

just about all game companies have their TS as more of a formality, and to weed out the retarded questions

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