EVE Online Free To Play

So, I don't know how many of you out there are EVE Online enthusiasts, but in case you are, or you just enjoy a sandbox game with sci-fi and space elements, CCP just released the game as free to play. Now, yes, I know that of course there will be tons of limitations, and it will probably have a lot of buy to play elements in the form of plex (which has already been the case), but this shall still be an enjoyable community to get involved in as L1T, wouldn't you agree? Anyway, at the bottom is the article from VB, and I hope that sometime we can get a group together to play a little. Enjoy the day LevelOneTechers!

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I don't mind paying though... the real limitation is how much of your life it sucks away...

Now if they could invent a pocket in time where you could play for a year inside one day... now then I'd join.


If you go on steam, some of the comments for the game are absolutely hilarious. People preferring drug addictions, marriage counciling, and addiction prevention groups because the game is so addicting.


Haha yeah, I haven't been down the addiction road, however I shall say that it is nice to be able to sink time into it when you're on a budget too.

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ive tried to get into eve for a while with my mate but we just cant get past the tutorial at the start

I liked Spreadsheets in Space. It was a lot of fun, but it ate up a lot of time as well. I've gotten much less tolerant of such things and tend towards casual games these days.


I've been looking to try this game for quite some time but haven't got to it. Will be nice to try it out

I know this is an oldie, but it's still true....


Shit, this was one of those games I used to play for a while. I'd be down to CASUALLY (read 3/4 hours a week) play if people are interested. It's only worth it if we play as a group though.

EDIT: now to finish that GPU passthrough...

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