Europe pushes for a less US-dominated internet

Hello good sirs of Tek Syndicate,


What do you guys think about that?

Actually i am more in love with the idea of the Outernet,

Some of those comments gave me AIDS. Europe just jealous of us, built your own fucking internet...

As if that would be the issue here.

Personally I see this as a good thing. If the EU would go ahead an create their own net policies based on privacy, net neutrality and high-speed, US lawmaker would be pushed to the edge to follow their lead, if they don't want to become highly incompetitive. After all shifting internet services from one country to another is just a matter of a view clicks. And as we've already seen in many other fields, multinational companies from the US and the rest of the world, adopt to European standards on a voluntary basis, since it's cheaper for them to go with the highest standard, than having a special solution for every single country.

if an European website offered me more privacy protection than say a us server, guess which server i would rather go to? it's fucking simple EUROPE. just give people what they want and they will come (read, boobs)

Germanic countries have some great privacy laws. Infrastructure in Europe would be preferable for that reason.

". just give people what they want and they will come "

Fucking this! Seriously instead of bitching about the thing you dont like why not actually try to fix it?

It got me thinking: i was seeing the Internet as something global, as a whole. Now with this perspective, i could see it as a product beeing produced in the USA, Europe, China or wherever.

Now, could the same questions related to consumer products be asked about something as immaterial as the Internet? Is European Internet cheaper or more costly than US internet? How are applicable laws being defined and why?

What does it mean to "build" a European Internet? What's the practical step? Do they mean they basically just wanna set up some servers based in Europe like France or for instance Germany? Which laws would then be applicable? Beats me.

Facebook has its European Headquarters located in Ireland which makes it difficult to reach them on matters regarding privacy issues according to Irish law. Since Europe is not as uniform as it appear, how could it be capable of instituting something as complex as "the internet"?