Ethernet cable max length?

what is the maximum cat5e length that i can have without having to put in a signal repeater?


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probably a like 300 feet as long as it is not going past something that will casue a lot of interference.  I don't really know I am using 100 feet fine with no problems.

Around 100 meters.

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100 Meters or 328 feet.

100 meters.

What everyone here and all my tutors back at my other institute said; 100m. Further that that, a switch will be needed to extend the signal.

You could use a Switch or Repeater, or technically anything that can transmit/retransmit ethernet signals.  Though anything other than a Repeater (or Hub?) adds another hop to the route.

I've never tested personally in the real world, but every professor pointed at 100m as being the limit, but the realistic limit was more like 90-95% of that depending on how well the connectors were crimped, what kind of power is being supplied, and potiential interference.

Yeah it does add another hop since switches are addressed. Although you may use a repeater but this adds EMI to the signal which may affect the quality.

i would say 90m for best quaility 

There is not quality lost because Ethernet is digital.  After a certain distance the electrical signal encounters to much resistance and can't go the full length of the cable.

They just ment quality as to speed decrease because of electrical noise/interferance.