Errrm, Well here it goes, Suggested Improvements?

+ Corsair air 540

Gaming Build,  somewhere around £1300, want a nice looking build with a black red theme,  this is my first build and not sure if this is any good.   Also not sure if i should buy everything at once,  or to order it all from Amazon in batches and see uf i can get vouchers to get money off next order.  

Also thinking of trying noobish overclocking to get used to how that sort of stuff works.

I'm also planning on adding another 760 later on ( 2 way-sli?)

I would drop one of the ssd's and get a big HDD so you have more storage and use the ssd for boot+games

I agree with luke. Its also more reliable than 2 ssds which have a higher chance of one failing. Also, what will you be doing with this build?

Personally, I would grab a single 256GB SSD, instead of 2 not-so-good SSDs. Pro version has a higher quality of NAND flash.

If you want this build for gaming, probably advisable spending more on your GPU. If it has to be Nvidia, grab a 770. Otherwise, the 7950 is a really good choice. I'd recommend 760 SLI if you have a monitor cable of 120-144Hz refresh. Otherwise, a single 770 will be more than enough.

I would grab the ROG Hero motherboard and save some money. Same form factor and quality. Though, I would keep the Formula if you want to do custom watercooling.

PSU is too large, if you want to SLI, you can use a smaller 650W unit.

16GB is way too much for a gaming machine. You won't use more than 4GB in current games, 8GB is the sweet spot.

Here is just an idea, much cheaper price:

Drop that PSU to an X650, switch that motherboard to an Mpower Max, get a 7950, switch the H100i for a Phanteks PH-TC14PE, a single 256GB SSD, like an ADATA SX900 or Samsung 840 Pro, and get some G.SKILL Sniper 1866mHz CL9 8GB sticks. Cheaper, more efficient, cooler, and higher OC potential.

<3 much love to all, thank you for all the feedback,  I'll look into all your suggestions.