Error after rebuild please help!

I just recently updated my pc, adding two new gtx 970's from an amd hd 7870 as well as adding an ssd a new mobo and psu

However, now i cant get my SSD to show up on my desktop, the window is bigger than the screen (I can't see the edges) and I keep getting an error to show up saying AMD drivers error... anyone got any idea?

You really need to uninstall all amd drivers. And then you probably don't have good contacts on the sata power or data cable. Unplug and replug in the cables and uninstall the amd drivers.  

Also did you create a drive partition for the ssd? if you didn't go to this video and start from 5 minutes in. If you didn't do the drive partition try this first before unattaching and reattaching the cables.  

What video?

and how do I make sure I removed all AMD drivers. and I still have an AMD CPU and will this interfere with that?