Ergonomics on the go

Hi there,

I am looking to improve the ergonomics of my mobile setup. What I would like to do is get a stand that would allow my laptop to be basically vertical, and then hook up a small keyboard.

Does anyone have a recommendations on a good laptop stand and keyboard that I can easily put into a backpack?

P.S. First post, please tell me if there is anything that I could do better.

Personally I like the last generation apple keyboards (NOT the current ones). I have a couple mb869d/a in storage because you can’t buy those new anymore. I actually use those pretty much exclusively on my desktop machines.

If you can get the equivalent in your language, that would be my recommendation.

If you have a large backpack I would recommend this:

It’s really sturdy but if you have to carry it everyday It might be a pain.

You should just get a 2 in one that can tent-fold and avoid looking all too odd at least. Past that there aid plenty of small mechanical keyboards that have removable mini USB cables that are handy and can just go in a bag.

Tent folding would not really solve the height issue that I get while working on a laptop. Looking down for longer periods of time is really straining on my neck.

The brand name for that is the magic keyboard, right?

I think they call the new ones that as well. On sideview the new ones look just like an aluminium wedge while the older ones have a white plastic underside and USB-ports. That is probably the best way to tell the difference.

The one I mean does also exist in a bluetooth variant. The nice thing about it is that it works with two standard AA batteries.

Here is a picture, the one on top is the older / good one.