Ergonomic Mouse & Keyboard

Long story short I seem to be developing a repetitive strain injury from using a mouse and keyboard so much. I believe getting a more ergonomic mouse and keyboard will help alleviate the issue, so I’m crowdsourcing some input. Work is paying for them, so some requirements may seem dumb. These will only be used at work.


  • “Ergonomic”
  • Full number pad and F-key row
  • Mouse has some degree of tilt to the side
  • Mouse is not small (my hands are larger, but not huge)
  • Must NOT be “gamer” aesthetic (e.g. no edgy designs, loud RGB, et cetera)
  • Sourced from a big box store or common online store (E.g. Staples, Walmart, Amazon, Newegg)
  • Does NOT need special drivers/programs for basic functionality
  • No trackballs (sorry!)

Nice to haves:

  • Wireless (additional wired functionality is ++)
  • 2+ reprogrammable buttons on mouse or keyboard

I’ve done some looking and come across a few items that seem like they fit the bill

Mouse Pros Cons
Logitech MX Master Series Tilt, Wireless, reprogrammable None?
Logitech MX Vertical Super tilt, wireless, reprogrammable Adjusting to aggressive tilt and back
Anker Vertical Super tilt, wireless Adjusting to aggressive tilt and back, no reprogramming
Razer Pro Click Tilt, Wireless, reprogrammable Micro USB, smaller than MX Master apparently
Lenovo Go Vertical Super tilt, wireless, reprogrammable Adjusting to aggressive tilt and back
Keyboard Pros Cons
Logitech K860 Curved, split, wrist support, connection support Only wireless, not reprogrammable
Microsoft Sculpt Curved, split, wrist support, macro keys Only wireless, separate num pad, build quality
Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Curved, split, wrist support, build quality No incline, BT only, not reprogrammable
Lenovo Go Curved, split, wrist support Only wireless, separate num pad

This is why I only use a Microsoft Natural KB and love the Logitech Gaming Mice, bigger and more curved for my hands.

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Ergodox Moonlander seem nice. As well as the Logitech MX vertical.

BakkerElkhuizen makes very vertical mice. Not my cup of tea, but sit well in the hand.

Keyboard wise, I have been meaning to get a Kinesis Freestyle 2, less for ergonomic reasons and more for desk-space reasons. Looks to be a more adaptable system than other offerings on the market.

You hurt my heart!

I was going to say this too. I think there are still a few MS Vertical mice floating about as well.

As far as keyboards, Either an MS Natural Keyboard or what ever Qain is using.

As a predominantly left hand computer user I hate it that anything ergo is ambi. I would love a good sculpted left hand mouse so that I can too enjoy the comforts that the right handers have.

Maybe you could have someone 3D print a shell that is ergo and transplant the internals of a good quality mouse. That is something that I would like to do but have not had the time to CAD one out.

A setup with two boards is going to be a near impossible sell I fear. The company I work for is a bit old school when it comes to technology acceptance. Getting them to accept a wireless mouse/keyboard is already questionable.

Never even heard of this company, but those all look like they would work. The joystick looking ones would probably be amazing for the RSI, but miserable going back and forth between it and a regular mouse.

I just learned that the Best Buy not too far from work has the MX Master mouse and K860 keyboard in stock, so I may see if I can check them out in person.

I don’t have an ergonomic keyboard I’m just using a das keyboard but in the mouse front I am using a 3dconnexion cad mouse pro and it is really comfortable.

Your experience may very.

The Microsoft Surface Ergonomic should be a good choice then. Its from a trusted brand and looks conservatively corporate enough…

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