Equally as good alternatives to Adobe Acrobat as a PDF Editor

I needed a good PDF editor and in the past Adobe Acrobat was always the standard. However what I am initially seeing I don’t like. It appears to be very mobile focused as far as design goes and for some silly reason they have it set as standard to hide the menu bar and the only option they give you is hitting F9 to show it. They don’t have a permanently fixed menu bar option that I can find.

This is making me wonder what equally as good alternatives are out there?

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PDF-XChange Editor is a good option, Tracker Software Products :: PDF-XChange Editor. Looked at a number of choices and liked this one the most.


I use linux as a daily driver with windows in case I need it. On linux there are some open source applications that I use:

  • Okular
  • Evince

Though based on linux, I believe they also have windows versions, if you’re just looking for a PDF viewer.

You can also check alternativeto .net
https:// alternativeto .net /software /adobe-reader/

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Thanks guys. The most important thing for me is editing and adding text to PDF’s and being able to do proper digital signatures.

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I’ve had a few instances where I was able to edit PDFs in both LibreOffice and Microsoft Office Word. Though it might be problematic depending on how formatted the PDF is. Word processors I’ve used can also save to PDF.

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Basically I need to be able to take a PDF Document and where needed add text to that document in PDF form and be able to digitally sign it with a proper verified electronic signature.


You still havent specified which OS this is. I assume its Windows?

If it’s properly formatted there’s going to be actual input fields in the PDF, you can fill those even with any Chromium-based browser or Firefox.

As for digital signing, I haven’t needed to do this before, but I think Foxit was able to do it.

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Yes it is Windows. Hence why I put it in the Windows section.

FoxIt seems to be a good option as well

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At a Software company that I worked at, we use PDF-X as our embedded viewer and PDF editor. They are a pretty good vendor and allow embedding Adobe Script in documents as well for some special automations.

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At my current Job, we use this product as well. I have not really gone under the hood like with PDF-X but Foxit is not bad either.

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