Epyc 2 memory compatibility

Hey All,

My organization is looking to purchase a few new servers to replace a vmware cluster and we’re looking at HPE DL385 with Epyc 7302 16/32 for the cpu.

The thing is we already have a ton of HPE ddr4 2666 memory. All the specs from HPE state that processors that end in a XXX2 should be pared with 2933mhz memory.

Everything is the same on the memory front aside from the frequency and timings. My experience tells me that our existing memory will work just fine, just not optimally, but I wanted to get thoughts from others on this.

We may buy and test / return if no go, but others here in the office who don’t really dive deep into the technicalities of servers / have a lot of experience but also hold a lot of weight regarding purchasing would feel more at ease if I could provide some documentation (so any links / references would be helpful. I’ve scoured the web with no luck and our reps at CDW-G pretty much said “That’s not recommended, the spec sheet says X”.

Our fall back will be some Epyc 1 configured servers with 7371 processors but I’d rather have an Epyc2 based system with slower memory to leverage better thermals, etc.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

(I am speaking from reading specs and docs where they’re available, not my personal testing testing) It may be compatible, but memory speed on current AMD platforms has a direct correlation to overall system performance. Why upgrade to Rome (which will incur hundreds if not thousands of dollars of labor on top of the parts cost) and then skimp out on the memory when you can get better performance at the same power requirements?