Epic Pants factory location

Dear Logan,

You have complained numerous times about the treatment of Chinese factory workers. But... where are the shirts on Epic Pants.com made? They better be made in USA.

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Ha my WASD Hoodie says... (J.America brand) Made in Pakistan.

EDIT: I figure and hope this will piss off gun toting 'Murkans, Fundin' terrorism 'N' sutch. Gotta murika up dis spellin reel gud to hamer da pint 'ome.

Because all factories outside the US are concentration camps.


That's unfortunate. I thought Logan would support the American economy!

Do you really want to support America? I mean it is terrible and the root cause of most of the problems in the world.

EDIT sorry disregard this, I don't want to cause an incident. I am just making jokes.


Basically in the interest of keeping this cheap and the quality high you buy things where ever they are best. In this case that is (for this particular size of hoddie, different sizes are different brands) Pakistan. It is not a bad thing as Epicpants is American based and thus pays taxes, supporting the economy. The products origins are something else entirely.

And to more readily catch attention his I suggest an @Logan Maybe he will pop in but don't expect it as he is busy.

EDIT: It should be pointed out that EpicPants is a store front not a manufacturing factory. They don't make the t-shirts. They do however buy many blank ones and then print things on them and sell them on to us.

It also seems that PaulsHardware and AwesomeSauceNetwork also use the same printer and thus products, though I could be wrong as this is circumstantial evidence based on listening to them talk about their printer guy.

unfortunately it's prolly true

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Some wholesalers and print shops won't deal with orders unless it's above a certain quantity of shirts, severely limiting choices. Add in print costs, any art costs, profit margin, and all that fun stuff and it adds up real quick. I deal with this type of stuff at work, and with the printing style (water based) and the brands they use it's pretty damn expensive to make for a simple shirt like the ones in Epic Pants.

Everything is printed in Vermont. The warehouse is in VT. Some of the merch is sourced from various vendors. You will note that we have different quality levels for different budgets. Some of the fabric is made in the USA, some is not. Most of the cotton comes from Mississippi and then is shipped to Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, or China where it is refined in their massive factories. Then it's sent back here for printing. It's a crazy process.

I am totally not against Chinese factories. I just like to check the quality.

@ Logan, a bit OT, apologies.

I lost a racquetball tournament to my father, and I have to get him a custom made shirt. Do you know if the guy you get your shirts through will do a single custom shirt? I have a couple of the shirts and I think the quality is excellent.

I don't think so. He has to do computer work, make several screens for each color in the shirt, then apply the inks... etc. It's a process. I'd say 50 is probably the minimum.