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Epic games store opening up... Steam is so not even bothered


So I read a title on Kotaku, stating that Steam really feels the heat now…

Honestly I don’t see myself ditching Steam just because Epic store doesn’t take fee for using Unreal engine if you publish there…
It’s gonna basically be an empty storefront for a couple years until some games pop up and by that point those same games will be on Steam and GOG…
I honestly don’t see this working…


But devs will get 88% of the revenue? How much do they get from steam?


70 or 75…
Here’s the thing: I rather have 70% of 20 million potential buyers than 88% of nothing…

So are you gonna buy your games from epic store just to support the Devs?


Fortnite has 200 milion registered users. Steam has less than 20 milion. So I think there are some potential buyers on Epic’s platform. UE4 is also very popular engine so if you create game on it you will have to pay 35%(30% for Valve + 5% for Epic) or just 12%, sounds like a good deal for smaller developers.


You do know Steam is the largest videogame online storefront, right?
You do know this epic store will have no games what so ever in the beginning?


Honestly, what I find more upsetting than anything, is this is yet another background app that has to run with my game, spamming me with notification of “Look what Fred’s playing! Don’t you want to play with Fred? Don’t you have friends, you fucking loser? Why are you playing Baldur’s Gate? Isn’t that shit old? Play this game! A first person shooter with hammers and swords!”

I have to open Steam to launch a game, which then launches Uplay, which then opens up another endless stream of notifications I don’t care about that is distracting when I’m DOMINATING n00bs on the field.

Same thing with Bethesda, Blizzard, Origin, etc.

Major turn off for PC Gaming.


Of course. It is a free to play game and it is currently one of the most popular one atm.

The question is how many of those accs are people who are willing to spend money (or are capable to do so).

My guess would be not much given the fact that big chunk of the players are kids.


i’d say its good; What I think 's going to happen is going to be same approach as Paradox; they will sell on all platforms and give cross-play compat between them. Or they’ll try to go EA Ubisoft way and no1 will buy their stuff.


I am very much in the same boat as @psycho_666. I am established on steam not leaving anytime soon thatni can see.

I might get a game or two on other stores like origin, uplay Gog and a few other where they are unavailable elsewhere or a far better price. But it just gets linked back to.steam in the end and often the hassle of other launchers is not worth the discount.


Is there anything that keeps developers from publishing on Steam and Epic? Sounds like the way to go.

And GOG.


My main purchase power is actually Humble Bundles. But they just give me Steam keys…

Exactly. At that point I’m just used to Steam and will keep using them…


This would be fine until they start doing stuff like if you buy (insert game title here) on (store front here) and get alternative ending /shiny skin/bonus level etc.


Meh… Like just meh. If that is what entices you to buys games fair enough but not for me and that is just a waste giv8ng into such small things.


Sure, I’m not saying that this thing will be more popular than Steam. I just wanted to point that it has some potential.
At the beginning it’ll have Fortnite for sure :slight_smile:

Valve is also forcing to use their DRM so you have to have Steam running to run any game. Epic said that on their platform developer will decide if they want DRM, so for some games it will be like on GOG (no need to download their application with annoying notifications etc.).


I don’t buy the games on Steam too often and don’t really care which launcher a game uses in the end. I guess for those who leave the Steam client running 24/7 it’s a different matter, but otherwise Steam doesn’t launch faster than the others since it’s pretty bloated.
Yes I do care how much money the store lift off the developers. If there is a choice.


Steam play for Linux got me


It’s getting ridiculous. Somehow I got myself unintentionally to the point I dismiss or do like the game doesn’t exist if it’s not on Steam or GOG.

With all the Virtualization craziness that’s going on on this forum, I started to think of doing one VM for Steam and GOG and then anther for all the other garbage. So it’s gonna be compartmentalized. I mean as long as I don’t fire up all at the same time this should work. With linux being the main for all the programs and comms (ts3, Discord…).


If it gives developers/studios another avenue to sell their game(s) then it’s good for the developers/studios.

I’ll probably just stick to Steam for convenience though, I like only having to deal with one launcher instead of a half dozen of them.


Meh. Its probably the era of the 1000 game launchers between Steam, discord, GOG, Uplay, Origin, and all the others. Personally ill be using steam and maybe GOG


Neither are exclusive, you can put your game on both Steam and Epic’s store. On steam you make 70% of the purchase price (65% if you’re using Unreal engine) and on Epic’s you make 88% of the purchase price.

Steam has a huge market advantage, but that’s a whopping 23% difference. I expect that Steam will be forced to drop their cut. The age of making huge profits from running a storefront will shortly come to an end. That’s what happens on open platforms, they become more efficient over time.