Entry-mid level PC build

A friend just sent me a parts list for his first gaming PC. I'm thinking he should get a different mobo and probably a WD instead of Seagate. What do you guys think?

His original build:

My work in progress on it:

What's your friends max budget? But based on the build prices you were showing you should try something like this.

The Build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/tjfknQ

Budget of about $685

Okay in that case this is probably the best you can do, if you have any questions and or concerns feel free to ask.

Edit: Added faster RAM.

The Build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/q3VCcf

If your friend isn't going to be overclocking, then you could go cheaper with the CPU and motherboard. If all that he is doing is gaming, I don't see the reason to go with 16GB of memory ( especially at this price point ). If you are worried about the hard drive, you could just go with a WD blue or something similar. The Corsair CX series power supplies where never designed to be used for gaming, so you could swap that out with something like a XFX TS 550w unit. With the money that you saved from the CPU, mobo, and ram, stick that into a better performing video card.

I'm trying to convince him to get 8gb.

I have the Corsair builder 430w in there right now

Look at the PSU picture again.

A build similar to this one:

I think the whole list is out of balance to be honest. 750ti's are too weak.
Go for the cheapest i5 + 8gb ram (any speed) + midrange h97 board + r 290 + hdd + good psu.
Then grab a ssd at some stage and migrate the os etc to that.

We build the PC today! Despite my recommendations he went with the 4690k, Asus 750ti, and 16gb of ram.
So much stuff that should not have gone wrong went wrong... lol. So much it deserves its own thread. (coming tomorrow)

I'll post a picture when my phone charges.