Entry Level PC for Gaming Company?

So me and a few of my friends are looking to do Gaming Videos, Stream and Edit Videos. These are the parts I came up with, what do you guys think? Do you guys have any other idea's for parts? We are looking for the cheapest parts but reliable and durable so if you have any recommendations, let me know! 


Looks good but id go with a 990fx board!

Your build is ok but you can do a lot better. I mean if you're going to spend $1000 spend it where it counts, your system. The peripherals you can buy later when you have more money.


 This is your build, but 10 times better imo.

Change around what you like, but the idea is 8350 is infinitely better. r9 280x destroys the 750ti. Better mobo plus an SSD for your OS, which is included in the price.

i think that i would concider an intel Xeon-1231-V3 with H97 mobo.

THe cpu it selfs is a bit more expensive, but it has better single threaded performance. which will be benefitical in both gaming and editing. Also the xeon is 4 cores 8 threads, its basicly an i7 without the igpu. But still this chip will be good at streaming too. The Xeon is not overclockable, so this means, you can use it on a cheaper H97 mobo, and eventualy the stock cooler for now. this will compensate the overall price diffrence a bit.

I'd have to agree with Dynas for the most part. I don't know why you think you need so many fans and lets be honest higher specs>fancy keyboard. A decent mouse is good to have but a fancy keyboard just isn't worth the trade off.

This is what i have selected for you.

option 1: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/CyJB99

But i would like to point out, that AMD is launching the new R9-300 series GPU´s very soon i hope, So maybe its worth it to wait and maybe concider a R9-380X

You think the AsRock mobo is better then the MSI??

Looks pretty good.

I'd agree, if you're looking to become this great gaming channel then you will be much better off with more cores and a better gpu.  Gaming mice and keyboards are nice if you've already maxed out your system, but you will be much better off with more fps then with a slightly better mouse or keyboard.  Also you don't really need that many fans.  

Good luck with you channel