Enthoo Pro 2 Server Edition

I saw this and thought it could be interesting to someone building a tower-based server. “spoiler” looks like up to 8 3.5" sata drives(with optional purchase, 4 without) with 3 2.5" sata drives on the back of the motherboard. 11 pci/pcie brackets on the back of the case. and 4 gpu support brackets.


The crazy thing is that Silverstone also showed off a case for this motherboard form factor at this year’s Computex, but Supermicro killed off the 15.12" x 13.2" form factor likely because it’s no longer viable with PCIe 5.0; the last board they released in this form factor was a PCI 4.0 board.

For not much more then this case costs you can get a 24 bay rack mountable enclosure from China:

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Bonus: it has hot-swap drive bays! Admittedly, fitting 4 full size GPU’s is a bit of a challenge, but if you can shell out for that many video cards, the considerable price of the case doesn’t worry you anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen the review from Jay, Enthoo is aiming for a niche market and you can expect pricing accordingly.