Enthoo Evolv M Airflow

I’m going to @wendell on this one because I know he is a fan of exhaust radiators,

So as per title.
I have had the Evolv M case for quite some time.
I’ve ran various iterations of my pc in it.
1600x build, upgraded to 1800x build, upgraded and upgraded until im on a 3800x with a 2080s and 32gb.

The case is fully populated with cooler master silencio fans which are all pwm.
3x front, 1x rear, 4x in roof push pull radiator.
I’m using the masterliquid 240 (not the lite one)
and I use cryonaught compound.

I have no really bad issues but recently i’ve been folding overnight on both my rigs and i’m noticing the build listed has a lot of top panel heat soak, I don’t think the air is escaping as well as some cases but it all seems to be flowing as it should. I can feel the cold air being pulled in at the front. I can feel the hot air at the rear and through the roof vents.

My other rig on the other hand is in the p300 phanteks with a 240 in the front. 3600x, gtx1080, 16gb, fully populated with silencio fans 1x rear, 1x top, 2x front on a master liquid lite 240 with cryonaught compound.

The air coming from the p300 build is warm after 8 hours folding
whereas the evolve m build has hot air over the same period.

I’m running the folding program on full on both rigs. both cpu’s are sat at 100% and gpu use is 40-50% on both rigs too.

I’m just wondering if this is just how this case is or if I can make some gains by moving the rad to the front. Seems a pointless effort if i’m only going to have to get a better flowing case anyway, which is why i’m asking.

I’ve heard about modded front panels and laser cut ones etc but i’m not messing around with all that, plus I think the fault is with exhaust not intake.

So yeah. The silver grey one is getting warm. Possibly because its sucking the hot air from the gpu through the rad?
The red black build runs cool and well

You may want to replace those fans if that are the stock fans…
I have that exact same CM cooler and the fans are utter garbage. I replaced them with a couple Arctic F12 for about 10 euros and there was a 2-3 degrees difference. Not to mention quieter, so you may really want to replace those fans…

no as listed every fan I own is a cooler master silencio 4 pin pwm fan. On both rigs.
Theyre static pressure fans and ive never had an issue.
Plus because I have same fans in each case surely it kinda rules it out

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Probably best to turn that rear fan around on the Silver it is probably choaking for air

I have 3x intake up the front. i’m not sure where youre coming from with that so its 3x in 3x out on the system

literally cant see those fans in any photo

its all listed in the original post

skimmed posts looked at photos, how restrictive is the front panel on that case?

You have a massive metal panel literally blocking the front…
Nobody can ever convince me it have good airflow…

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I don’t think its bad to be honest.
I believe the issue to be more top panel exhaust.
My biggest question is would I solve the problem by moving the rad to the front.

To be clear the system is not overheating I just think its not running optimally in terms of coolant temps.

Again as per my original post

You know, you can test this…
Remove the front plate and see if the intake is limited. It is.
Then remove the top plate and see if the exhaust is limited. It is.
Mounting the radiator on the front will lower your CPU thermals a bit, but that’s about it. Everything else may even get slightly warmer because you push warm air in or may not change the thermals at all.

Try flipping that one fan, just to sate my guess. You have push pull up top (going to move a good amount of air) and 3 restrictive intakes and 1 easy flow rear fan.

While fan numbers are kind of even, the flow is not.

I started looking into reconfiguring etc. ive had the top panel off and sealed up the excess mounting spaces etc as I thought I might have an air loop in the case.
It made no difference.
So before I start tearing into my workstation 2 or 3 times to test different configs I thought it better to ask on here where I know a lot of smart guys and pcmr wizards hang out.
Bear in mind this isn’t just a pleasure machine so if I end up with downtime because of some stupid issue from messing about it will be an issue.

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That’s why I suggest trying to remove some paneling before starting unscrewing and remounting fans…
Try and remove the front metal plate. Not the entire panel, just the metal plate to give it more breathability. Then remove the top plating to open the air path of the exhaust. If I am not mistaken you don’t even have to turn your PC off to remove them.
I could be wrong, since you have pretty good fan power over there, so maybe they overpower the restrictions, but knowing what happens when I remove the dust filter from my front panel, your front metal plate is, I’m guessing, at least a little bit restrictive.

yes psycho you are right I can pop the front off and theres a single screw for the top and it slides locks to come off.

However. stripping 2 panels off the case to me means im not using the case. If I cant calm it down a bit as a complete unit then its not really a solution.

I have zero doubts pulling these panels would make the case cool but it doesn’t fix anything if you get where I am coming from

Ok, let’s take that from a different angle…

It doesn’t fix anything, yes, but it will show you where the issue is.
If pulling the front panel drops the thermals massively it means your case is struggling for fresh air. At that point you can turn your rear exhaust into rear intake. Get some fresh air in. If it doesn’t make any serious difference then the intake is not a problem.

The goal is not to mod the case, but to find the problem. Does the intake fans struggle or do they overcome the restrictions? Is the roof preventing hit air to escape, or are the rad fans pushing it well enough. It’s about finding the problem area, preferably without ever turning the PC off…

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I honestly don’t think for a second that the issue is intake.
The issue is heat soak in the top of the case. the top panel gets quite warm as the air directly hits it and it only has rear and small vent holes.

As it happens I do have a small update on this.
I have all my fans set to read cpu temps in pwm mode.
I have calmed down my fan rpm in the middle of the curve as I actually never get into top speed. so the temps im at I was running 70% duty.
this has actually not made any difference to the cpu temps but it seems to be better in terms of overall case flow.
I have also moved the rear fan to the top of its slots to try move any stagnant hot air in the vrm area.
Maybe I was a little hot on the fan rpm for the available flow on this case?
ill keep monitoring and updating

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